Gotham Technical Solutions was founded in 2014 with one mission; to provide the highest quality technical consultation and services possible. We pride ourselves on giving our clients the highest caliber experience possible from initial consultation, all the way up to post project follow up. We have built our business model on superb customer service and consistently delivering a meticulous final product, whether it be a complete network infrastructure evaluation and redesign or a perfectly symmetrical wall mount.

Our IT Team specializes in demystifying and quickly identifying any issues your business or home office setup may have. Each Technician and Consultant is Microsoft Certified and adheres to the extremely high client support and service standards that are set forth by the management team at GTS. From individual user needs In a home setting or a large business in need of immediate consultation, the GTS IT Team can handle a variety of different issues quickly and effectively.

The A/V Team at GTS consistently showcases its attention to detail with each and every client project it undertakes. The team consists of extremely skilled showroom installers and technicians that can give your home theater or office setup the clean, finished and functional “GTS” look we are known for among our clients. From wall mounting premium TVs to assembling and concealing an entire home surround sound entertainment system, GTS can help you find the beauty, entertainment and perfection in your venue of choice.

There was once a time where you had to choose between enterprise level services or extremely humble customer support, now you can have both. Believe the hype and contact GTS today.